Infinitive Power Bank Manual Instructions Portable Charger Battery Pack User Guide

Here’s the infinitive power bank instructions for you

Infinitive Power Bank Manual

Infinitive Power Bank 10000mah Manual

Infinitive Portable Charger Manual

Infinitive Power Bank Specs

  • Capacity: 10000mAh/37Wh
  • Input: 5V/2A
  • Output 1: 5V/3.1A
  • Output 2: 5V/3.1A
  • Size: 0.7x 3.5x 6.5 inch
  • Weight:  0.6 pounds
  • Recharging time: 4-6 hours

How to turn on Infinitive Power Bank?

  • Turn on Infinitive Power Bank by Press Power Button once
  • The LED display will turn on at the same time! then you know the Infinitive Portable charger turn on

How to turn off Infinitive power bank

How do I turn off my Infinitive power bank?

  • Turn off Infinitive power bank by press power button for 3 seconds
  • Ways 2: Infinitive power bank will turn off automatically with any action for a while!

How do I charge my Infinitive power bank?

  • Plug the USB cable to Infinitive power bank charging port, Infinitive portable charging will start charging

How long does it take to charge Infinitive?

  • Charge Infinitive power bank will takes 8 – 9 hours fully charged

How to use power bank for the first time

How long to charge power bank 10000mah first time

  1. When you got the new Infinitive Power bank , how to use for the first time:
  2. You should read the manual first
  3. Then full charged it , recommend 24 hours, even it shows charged fully!
  4. Recommend use original charger or cable!

How do you know when the power bank is fully charged?

  • If the power bank is fully charged , the led display window will auto turn off!