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INIU collecting our customer’s problem when using our products, such as iniu power bank instructions , iniu power bank manual,iniu power bank user manual,iniu portable charger how to use. Though our power bank package with the instruction or manual , now we think we still need a online article to let our customer could easily find and use Iniu product with right handle

What’s in the iniu package?

Package box x 1

Power bank x 1

Protective Pouch x 1

Micro USB Cable x 1

User Manual x 1 ( Welcome Guide )

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How to power on the power bank ?

How do I turn on my INIU power bank?
click the power button twice rapidly
the flash light is on the power bank is working
The led indicate will show you how much the battery power left
the paw print as iniu portable charger is charging ,then it will move to another

Ps: INIU product can charging 2 phones simulataneously at the same time !!!

iniu portable charger turn off light / iniu portable charger light turn off

When you stop charging the phone , it will turns off by itself

Iniu portable charger keeps turning off
You can also press and hold the little power button on the side to turn it off manually

How to charge your phone ?
plug the phone usb to the iniu power bank usb port

Iniu portable charger not charging? | Iniu power bank not charging?

How do you charge iniu portable charger ?

How do you charge a power bank INIU?

How do you charge a INIU portable charger?

How to charge INIU power bank?

Put the usb Cable Android comes in the package by use your phone charger into the power bank input usb charger port then the power bank will start charging . How long does it take to charge a 10000 mAh power bank? ? for 10000mah portable charger fully charged time usually take 4-7 hours ,for 20000mah power bank fully charged time usually take 10-12 hours,depending on your charger’s speed amperage.

How do you know when the power bank is fully charged?

All of INIU Portable Charge has led display shows the power left.

How to use power bank for the first time!

How long to charge power bank 10000mah first time

  1. When you got the new Power bank , how to use for the first time:
  2. You should read the manual first
  3. Then full charged it , recommend 24 hours, even it shows charged full!
  4. Recommend use original charger or cable!

INIU Power Bank Model b1-b3 User Manual

If you don’t know whether your power bank is INIU b1-b3 Model

Please check this link to confirm:

INIU BI-B3 Power Bank

Device Layout

Product Diagram

1 ON / OFF Button

2 Output Port 1

3 LED Light

4 Output Port 2

5 Charging Port 2

6 LED Display Indicator


Mode: B1-B3

Capacity : 10000mAh / 37wh

Battery Type: Li-Polymer

Input: DC 5V / 2A(Max)

Output 1 :DC 5V / 3A (Max)

Output 2 : DC 5V / 3A (Max)

Charge your device:

Connect the Power Bank and your device with charging cable .

Make sure it is charging automatically.The LED display turn on.If not ,press the ON/OFF button to restart the Power Bank

Note: The charging speed depend on the particular specification of your device and the efficiency of your USB charging Cable

So the charging current will range from 0.5A to 3A

Recharge the Power Bank

To reach the best performance ,use a 5V / 2A AC adapter (not supplied) and the cable supplied to charge the power bank.

Connect the Power Bank to the wall socket;

The battery will recharge automatically.The last number of the LED Display indicator will blink.

IF connected with a 5V / 2A adapter,it will take 5-8 hours to fully charge.

Using a a 5V / 2A adapter will charge much faster than a 5V / 1A adapter.

Note: Do not charge any devices while power bank is being recharged to preserve the battery life span.

Turn on/off the LED light

Press the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the LED light

Display the Battery lest

Press the ON/OFF button once and the LED display indicator will show you the percentage of battery left.

For example,when the LED display indicator shows “80”:

10000*80% = 8000mah

So there is 8000mah battery left.

The the LED display indicator will turn off automatically.

Enjoy your free gift

1 When you plug the INIU USB light into one of the USB ports on the power bank,it will illuminate immediately.

2 when transporting or not in use,use the supplied protective pouch to avoid scratching the power bank.


1 Keep away from heat sources and liquids

2 Avoid dismantling,dropping or heavy impact.

3 Full charge the power bank at least once every 2 month.

iniu power bank model bi-b1 | iniu portable charger b1-b1

FAQ & Solutions

Q : How many times can the Power Bank fully charge my phone?

A: The Charging times are depending on the phone model.There are two factors to conside:

Power Conversion Rate and Boost Converterate.

The Power Bank’s built-in PCBA Board meet the standard power conversion rate 90-92%

When charging,the boost converter will boost the battery voltage from 3.7V to 5V to meet the input of your device,which can be rated 74%

So.the Charging time equals to the Power bank capacity*conversion Rate * Boost converter rate / phone Battery capacity.

Q: what can I do if charged the power bank for 8 hours,and it still not fully charged?

A adapter power and cable efficiency are the two main factors that affect the charging speed.

Please change to another 5V / 2A adapter!

Q: Why does it charge my bluetooth earbuds for few seconds and then stop charging?

A: The minimum current to keep the power bank working is 45mA. So some of the devices like Bluetooth earbuds maybe not suitable to be charged by power bank

INIU BI-B42 User Manual Instructions

If you don’t know whether your power bank is INIU BI-B42 Model

Please check this link to confirm:

for INIU Portable Charger 20000mAh Power Bank b1-b42 bi-b42

Product Overview

Power button

Micro input port ( Micro Eingangsport )

Type C input port ( Micro Eingangsport )

LED Light

Output Port ( Ausgangsport )

Power Indicator


Capacity : 20000mah / 74Wh

Input : DC 5V / 2A

Output : DC 5V / 3A

Size : 5.3*2.7*1.0inch / 135*70*26mm

Weight : 12.3oz / 350g

Power Indicator : 20% – 40% – 60% – 80% – 100%

Package includes :

Power Bank / Protective Pouch / User Manual / Mocro USB Cable / USB Light

INIU portable charger light

Charge Your Phone

1 Connect the Power Bank to your phone,it will start charging Automatically,

If not,press the Power Button to Restart the Power Bank

Recharge Your Power bank

1 To reach the best performance,use a 5V / 2Z adapter to recharge the power bank,which will take 10-12 hours to full charge.

2 When charging,the battery indicator will go through the light until all lights become so solid.

Turn on / off the LED light

Press the power button twice repidly to turn on/off the light

Enjoy your free gift

1 Insert the free USB light to the USB port,it will turn on automatically.

If not, press the power button to restart the power bank

2 Put your power bank into the protective to against any scratches


1 To preserve the battery lifespan,use and recharge the power bank at least once every 2 months.

2 Do not drop,open,disassemble,crush.

3 Keep away from heat source or liquid

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Please note : Don’t threw it to the fire
or use it in the too cold environment

If you have any problem ,any technical problem, anything happen when you use it such as iniu power bank not charging ,iniu power bank how to charge,iniu power bank keeps turning off , iniu customer service, iniu support you can contact amazon for the after sale service,they will give you a satisfied solution

Other problem customer will concern

Is charging overnight dangerous?

Does overcharging damage battery?

Is it OK to leave phone charging overnight?

Can I leave my power bank charging overnight?

NO,nowadays,almost all of power bank has many security safe protections, such as

Over Current Protection

Over Charge Protection

Over Temperature Protection

so you don’t worry about charging overnight or over charging problems.

Is it OK to use phone while charging?

Is it okay to use phone while charging in power bank?

INIU Portable Charger is OK.

Is it bad to charge your phone to 100?

No,for lithium-polymer batteries you’d better keep it around full charged to protection your power bank from battery out damage

Is it bad to unplug your phone before fully charged?

INIU not recommend unplug while your phone with low battery,if your phone has enough power is ok

Can I leave my charger plugged in all the time?

Though INIU products has the safe protection,but still not recommend

Should I turn off my phone every night?

You needn’t

Is it bad to charge your phone at 50?

INIU not recommend to let your phone at 50 for a long time.

Can I bring 20000mAh Power Bank on plane?

No problem,but only carrying with you,not in luggage

Do power Banks damage battery?

Nowadays , Power bank technology is advanced,you don’t worry about damage battery.

Is it safe to charge from power bank?

It depends on the power bank brand you choose, INIU brand is safe.

iniu portable charger not working
iniu portable charger won’t stay on

iniu charger not working

iniu portable charger not charging iphone

INIU Warranty service and Guarantee

iniu power bank warranty
iniu portable charger warranty
INIU always aim at providing five stars products and service for all our customers. We offer hassle-free after-sale services:
1) 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
2) 3-Year Warranty
3) Life-time Technical Supports
In spite of Amazon 30-day full refund button is closed, you are still welcome to contact us for more help and we promise to offer you a satisfactory solution.

Any questions, please check user manual to find the way to us or go through Amazon’s direct messaging service:

iniu portable charger review
iniu portable charger 10000mah review
iniu portable charger 10000mah power bank review

package include:
package box *1
power bank *1
protective pouch *1
Micro USB Cable *1
User manual *1

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  1. Hello ,
    I need help. 😉
    Do i need an adapter of some sort to help the powerbank charge my iPhone 8?

    The powerbank seems to be working. The blue pawlights are lit, the flashlight works when plugging it into the bank… but it is not charging my phone.

    Would really appreciate any imput.
    Sincerely, HKRothfuss

    1. Dear Helen Katja Rothfuss,
      the flashlight works when plugging it into the bank means the power output is ok , we suggest change another usb charging cable and make sure the cable & iphone port can be working
      iniu technology

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